The payroll function can be cumbersome and employment legislation complex which can divert resources away from your business’s core activities. Our payroll service can streamline this function adapting it to your business specifications, and provide a guarantee of confidentiality and the assurance of special attention to all aspects of your payroll system.

We have a team with in-depth knowledge and vast experience of clients of all sizes from small family businesses to large organisations. We manage the day-to-day running of your payroll function by developing, building and supporting a payroll system that will run on your accounting software on a weekly or monthly basis. This payroll system offers the following confidential services thereby relieving your staff of this administration burden allowing them to concentrate on running the business.

Create and process payroll journals as per the devised payroll system.

Administration of customised payslips and ensure that payments are up to date.

Processing pension schemes, incentive schemes, bonuses, and termination payments.

Statutory form completion, including year-end returns for your employees to submit to the Revenue Commissioners.

Year-end reconciliation, summary reporting and analysis of staff costs.

Administration of PAYE, RSI and statutory pay such as maternity pay and sick pay.

Ensure that PAYE / PRSI are aligned with P30 returns submitted to the Revenue Commissioners.

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