Value Added Tax

VAT being a transaction based tax means that compliance can be an onerous administrative process as it impacts the entire business and is therefore time consuming to manage. Consequently VAT can be easily incorrectly administered and the consequences of overlooking this administration in terms of correctly calculating the VAT liability for your business has proved terminal to some businesses in the past.

Our advisers have many years’ experience pro-actively providing solutions to businesses at all phases of their life cycles and we ensure that both domestic and international transactions are correctly treated as per the legislation. Ideally the treatment of VAT should be addressed at the start-up phase of a business’s life cycle as errors with this type of taxation builds upon itself, becoming larger, graver and more serious with time.

We have developed a system through VAT control and reconciliation to ensure compliance and best practice for our clients as wasted management and advisory time as well as penalties from the Revenue Commissioners can be avoided by the early detection of any administration errors. This system identifies and implements an action plan that manages how VAT is handled within the organisation and our services include;

Negotiating with the Revenue Commissioners to positively correct past issues.

Implementing the client’s most appropriate scheme and timing in terms of registration for annual return and special arrangements.

Supporting VAT inspections through advice on visit and post-visit compliance in order to reduce VAT assessments.

Assistance with the registration and de-registration for VAT.

Preparation, completion and submission of VAT returns on behalf of our clients.

Stress-testing the VAT action plan to ensure that the implemented changes are robust and address the company requirements.

Mitigating and suspending penalties by challenging decisions by the Revenue Commissioners that adversely affect our clients.

Representing clients at VAT inspections from the Revenue Commissioners.

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